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How to install composite fence

MexyTech launched meco fence as a new outdoor series at the beginning of 2012. Meco fence is designed by applying wpc profiles and aluminum structures as a combination. The key points of this design concept is to use metal structures to provide excellent mechanical properties and wood plastic composite to embody the natural appearance and wood grain texture.

According to different market demands and clients’ requirements, MexyTech developed many patterns which includes: privacy style, trellis style, shadow box style, semi privacy style, simple style, clever fence style, etc. Of course, some traditional models such as rail fence, picket fence are still available.

Moreover, our clients can have many optional colors and wood grain textures for choose according to their decoration style. MexyTech believe that long termed duration, fancy design, environmental concepts and no harmful elements to human body can bring us and our clients a win-win future.

We provide all the joining parts and accessories to make the installtion easier and the steps are showed as below:

1, we suggest to use cement to fix the post and it is very important to keep the posts straight vertically. The post should be at least 450 mm under the landline.

2, screw the L shaped conner connection tight onto the posts and install the bottom rail between two posts.

3, cut the wpc fence panels into the suitable size, and then the composite fence profiles through the posts one by one to assemble into one.

4, use the top rail and L shaped conner connection to cover the top size of the fence. The installation method is similar to step 2.

5, cut the side rail into the suitable size and cover the post side.

6, use the plastic top cap to cover the post end.

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