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Why we choose MexyTech wpc?

MexyTech wpc (short for wood plastic composite) is a new eco materials. It is a composite products made of poly materials and fiber powder and this is why wpc can be recycled. MexyTech wpc products have natural appearance and feeling, so we can use this eco concept to launch a lot of applications so that to make this excellent product as a perfect substitute for real wood. In a word, lead the eco trend is what MexyTech is focusing on.

1, Water-proofing, MexyTech wpc would be more stable, so we can apply our products as swimming pool decking, beach application etc.

2,Weathering resistance, our composite wood will not split or wrap when exposing under sunlight.

3,Excellent strength, this is why we can use our products as marina decking and plank flooring.

4,Eco-friendly, no harmful chemical elements included and bad smell ejected.

5,Natural appearance.

6,Easy to install. MexyTech synthetic wood can be screwed, nailed and cut as real wood, and we will provide some accessories for installation.

7,Wide application range and can be a good complement of different design.

8,Easy clean and low maintenance. Normally cleaning method is enough for cleaning.



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