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About us

Meco fence is a new product series launched by MexyTech at the beginning of 2012. MexyTech is the first company directly cooperating with university for R&D and we will keep completing the exsting products and developing new designs in this coming year.

Meco fence was designed by using a combination of wpc and aluminum parts. Therefore, our composite fence can not only embody fancy appearance and eco concepts, but also can provide water-proofing, weathering resistance, excellent mechanical properties, DIY installation and free maintenance. Meco fences are now widely applied in landscape design, domestic partition, decoration, building facilities and even barriers etc.

According to market demands and clients’s requirements due to different applications and designs, we developed two types of fence which were named alu-wpc fence and pvc-wood fence. We are sure that our clients can find something new and interesting from Meco fence and we hope our composite fence can bring out a win-win future to our clients and MexyTech.

Power Of MexyTech

Innovation Ability  90

Outstanding Service  95

Quality Control  95

User Purchasing  93

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+ Why Choose Us?

Mecofence have been in wpc bussiness for almost 10 years. Wpc fence was launched as a new product in 2014 and we keep upgrading our system for applications in different markets. Easy installation, durability, free maintenance and beautiful appearance are the features of our products. Use our products, you can spare some more time with ones you love instead of doing the painting and oiling all the time.

+ How To Place An Order?

1,You can choose the fence design you love first

2, You can let us know some more details such as fence size, total quantity, colors requirements.

3, We will provide our performa invoice to you for the order confirmation.

4, If you need our help for some designs or suggestions, you can provide the project drawing and our design team will give a draft for you.

+ What Is The Advantages For WPC Fence?

1,Water-proof, termite resistant, natural appearance, UV-resistant, stable in topical or cold areas

2,Eco-concepts. Recycled raw materials and recycable finish product.

3,No harmful elements or gas. We have passed REACH test and you do not need to worry about the health & safety

4,Easy Installation, free maintenance can save you some time.


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